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"The success of Hollister the brand is a phenomenon," says Jörg Nowicki The medical journal "Textile Industry". "Customers know them only from the U.S. holiday, from the Internet or Hollister UK their friends." Long before the opening of the Germans ordered diligently on the internet store of Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch, although the long delivery times and shipping costs meant juicy. At least 32 euros postage costs Hollister Outlet. Nevertheless, 40 percent of all online orders for A & F from overseas.

Send to a clothing Hollister store remembers nothing, not even the name emblazoned above the door. In the window there are no mannequins lounging, but heavy wooden shutters Hollister UK obscure the view into the dark anyway Verkaufsraum.Trotzdem the clientele is still months after the opening before loading the legs in the stomach. While boutiques are next door largely empty, waiting in front of Hollister two serpents, one left and one to the right of the entrance door, the wooden roof is reminiscent of a surf shack.

This "hell" is a boutique. It's a normal Tuesday afternoon in the German branch of Hollister, a fashion brand from America. Four months ago, Hollister has in Frankfurt's shopping malls "My Zeil" his only German branch eröffnet.Mehr about Successful bugging music in the cottage but who the hell is Hollister? In the United States, the subsidiary brand of Abercrombie & Fitch already has more than 500 stores in Germany makes them not even advertising. The fashion company does not switch any ads, placarded Hollister UK nowhere, do not advertise on the Internet or in teen magazines and gives no press conferences.

I had voher never heard of this Hollister shop and went there purely because I made ​​the big waves video installation at the entrance of the Center curious. At first I thought it was a kind of museum or Hollister Ausstellung.Der brightness difference was enormous, and I realized I almost nothing. The store concept is unusual. Branched, narrow, cluttered with all sorts of stuff, loud music with penetrating Wellen-/Brandungsgeräuschkulisse Hollister. No idea why the darkness here "Urlaubsfeelig"

to spread. Reminded me more Hollister of Captain Nemo's submarine Nautilus, because it was still pretty cool. I did the seller / inside sorry, had to work in flip flops the scantily dressed. Under the illumination of the product was not reasonable to look at and consider Hollister Outlet. Some clothes stood out among basking spots, while others were hardly visible in the dark.